Are there immortals and heroes? What is the logic of the characters in “Yu Gu Yao”?

“Yu Gu Yao” is on the air! ! In order to prove that I am not a superficial face dog, I first put two pictures of the great priest Shiying to suppress the situation.

When I thought that everyone was as engrossed in the beauty of the priest as I was, there were already many drama fans who started to take the plot seriously!

After reading these discussions, I realized that apart from the exquisite Taoist costumes, stunning empty mirrors and online acting skills of the actors, “Jade Bone Yao” even has such a logical plot!

The audience’s analysis made me enlightened and opened the door to Yangou’s new world. It’s really amazing, it’s the first time I saw such a logical and reasonable plot setting in Guppets~ Sure enough, everyone is very happy to follow the drama together!

In the end, I really want to feel that Shiying’s mother taught Shiying to protect Cangshan as her own responsibility until her death. Before the plot started, Shiying said that if God wanted to see Yunhuang Continent fall into chaos, then he would kill God as a mortal.

Therefore, whether it is death or fate, Shi Ying is fighting against the sky!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been so ignited in Guppets. The first four episodes are worthy of five-star praise. I rub my hands and look forward to the update tonight!

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