Are dragons really gone, they’re just hiding

Dragon is a mythical beast with very powerful power in myths and legends. Dragon is the god of water, and they can be found in rivers, lakes and seas. Legend has it that dragons can call wind and rain, initiate floods and set off tsunamis. The appearance of the dragon will change the weather, and the sunny sky will become cloudy and rainy in an instant. “Zibuyu” records: “Thunderstorm is dark, and the dragon comes to wail, and the sound is like a cow’s roar.”


In many documents recorded in ancient times, we can see descriptions of dragons, which were symbols of status, strength and power in ancient times. Therefore, the ancient dragon is generally used to refer to the emperor, and everything related to the emperor will be crowned with the word dragon.

dragon symbolizing emperor

“Shuowen Jiezi” records: “Dragon, as long as a scale insect, can be quiet and bright, can be thin and huge, can be short and long, can reach the sky at the vernal equinox, and dive into the abyss at the autumnal equinox.” Dragons have ever-changing abilities. Time can be like a grain of dust, and when it grows bigger, it can be like a mountain. Therefore, it is difficult for ordinary people to see the dragon, and the dragon is seen by people because it does not deliberately hide itself.

dragon in the sky

Dragons have been recorded in ancient books, such as “Shan Hai Jing”, “Zi Bu Yu”, “Shu Yi Ji” and other strange books. The last time we actually saw a dragon was in Yingkou in 1934, where there was a dragon falling incident. Many people said that they saw a huge dragon-like creature with claws and horns, rattling scales and a strong fishy smell.


Dragons seldom appeared in our world later on. Even if some people said that they had seen dragons, no one would believe them because they could not provide evidence. Is the dragon really gone? Should be unlikely. The dragon is an ancient mythical beast, and its power is so powerful, what can hurt the dragon and make it disappear?


The dragon just hid, unwilling to be seen by humans. “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” records: “The dragon can be big or small, can rise and hide; big can make clouds and fog, small can hide and hide shape; rise can fly between the universe, and hide can hide in the waves. This spring is deep, and dragons change with time.” This shows that dragons can change as they like, and they can also use magic to make themselves invisible.

flying dragon

Human beings cannot see dragons because human beings cannot see divine beasts with mortal eyes. And the place where dragons live is beyond the reach of humans. Dragons live in the deep sea and space, the ocean is the hometown of dragons, and there are dragon palaces under the sea in various myths and stories. According to the different places where dragons live, dragons can be divided into Tianlong and Hailong. Tianlong usually flies in the sky, while Hailong is in the sea.

sea ​​dragon

The dragon has not disappeared but has been living in this world, but the dragon deliberately hides itself, so we can’t see the dragon. People occasionally see dragons, and it is also because dragons do not use invisibility spells that they are discovered by humans. Moreover, the places where dragons live and live are beyond the reach of humans, so it is difficult for humans to find dragons.

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