Appreciation of “Yuanji Blue Glaze White Dragon Pattern Plum Vase” in Yangzhou Museum

Yuanji blue glaze plum vase with white dragon pattern

Height 43.5, diameter 5.5, bottom diameter 14 cm

Collection of Yangzhou Museum

In 1984, it was purchased from Yangzhou Cultural Relic Store. The plum bottle has a small mouth, short neck, and plump shoulders. Gradually converge below the shoulders, and slightly outward near the bottom. Shallow bottom concave. Ji blue glaze is applied to the whole body, and green and white glaze is applied to Yunlong and Baozhu. The contrast between the two glaze colors is sharp and strong. The main pattern depicts a dragon chasing a flame orb, and it is lined with four flame-shaped cloud patterns like floating coral branches. The giant dragon is mighty, majestic, and ferocious, flying in the sky for thousands of miles in the blue sky, quite powerful. (Excerpt from the article “Collector’s Great Union Gate”, “I only know that Yuan blue and white flowers are precious? In fact, this kind of Yuan Dynasty treasures are even more valuable”)

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