Another trouble in the entertainment industry!The whole network exploded

The domestic melons have not been understood yet, and there are more melons abroad. The top Japanese actress Ryoko Hirosue was rumored to be derailed

Daily entertainment gossip “Top Magazine” “Weekly Bunchun” broke the news that she cheated on the popular chef Toba Shusaku of the Michelin restaurant “sio”, um, this is the following

Was photographed having a date at a restaurant late at night, and checked into a hotel due to the time difference

Later, both Ryoko Hirosue and Shusaku Toba, who cheated on her, issued letters of apology admitting cheating. The affiliated firm stated that it will make an emergency treatment of “indefinite suspension” of Ryoko Hirosue.

Later, it was revealed that Hirosue Ryoko’s current husband had actually cheated on her (there is no real hammer yet).

The following is the current husband of Ryoko Hirosue

Hot comments from netizens

Many people doubt Hirosue Ryoko’s vision. Hirosue Ryoko, known as “the last beautiful girl of the 20th century”, had short hair when she was a girl, and her main focus was pure and natural.

Is the dream lover of many boys

There used to be about 20,000 people lining up just to see her

With a unique temperament and a sense of youth, the first photo shoot that year sold 460,000 copies as soon as it was released. The photos she took are still Japanese photo templates. Many people don’t know Ryoko Hirosue, but they must have seen her photo photos on the Internet.

The photos of celebrities are really worth tasting. Looking at something beautiful is good for our eyes, so today we will come to a photo award to see whose photos can touch your heart.

Of course, the first one is the photo of Panhirosue Ryoko. Her photo album “Hopping” was shot in 1996. At that time, Hirosue Ryoko was 16 years old, full of agility and youthfulness.

Her short hair is really good-looking, and now there are still many girls who will take photos and run to the store for Tony to cut it accordingly.

The weather is hot, you can take a look at Nagasawa Masami’s summer photos to relieve the heat

This sister has a great body proportion, she has many summer photos in swimsuits, I really love to see her swimsuit photos, because every one of her swimsuits looks good, I want the same style!

Her group of school uniform photos is very famous, and it is a reference template for many Japanese school uniform photos

You must see Yu Aoi for travel photos. The photo album “Travel Sand” was taken by photographer Yoko Takahashi. Yu Aoi was 19 years old at the time. This group looks so good even now

She also has a Taiwan travel photobook, which is also very beautiful~

If you want to feel refreshed in summer, you can also take a look at Haruka Ayase’s photo. The color tone is really comfortable.

Yui Aragaki, the first love of many people, her “Pure White (18 years old)” photobook can really be read hundreds of times, the photographer is Kumagai Guan, a lot of face-to-face shots

You must see Komatsu Nana’s “Snow の Country の Shiroyukihime” for snow photos. The photographer is Shuntaro Tanigawa. The girlishness of Winter Snow and Komatsu Nana is really good, and it has a sense of story

When it comes to portraits, I really want to mention Xu Ruoxuan. She is the originator of the popular pure desire style now.

You can look through her photo albums “Venus” and “Angelly”, they are so beautiful that she is really like a midsummer peach.

Cecilia Cheung’s photo album is called “Any Weather”, which was taken at the seaside. I still remember her appearance in a hat!

I don’t know if you have seen this group of photos of Sister Ma, it’s really pure, the heroine of the youth campus novel has face again!

Baozi who wants to take home portraits can refer to the portraits of Korean female stars. Jin Gaoyin’s group has a really strong sense of atmosphere, and the overall feeling is very relaxing.

Li Jingcheng’s photobook is called “Be Joyful”. The photographer spent four years recording Li Jingcheng’s life. There are many photos at home. You can refer to the composition and photo pose.

Guess who she is?

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