Anime| Long Wait! Why is it said that Dragon Ball is the eternal god?

1. Animation background and influence: “Dragon Ball” is a classic animation work created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. It is divided into two parts: “Dragon Ball” (1984-1995) and “Dragon Ball Z” (1989-1996) ). This work is popular all over the world. It not only sold 500 million copies in the Japanese market, but also gained wide recognition and love internationally. The success of “Dragon Ball” not only affected the entire animation industry, but also had a profound impact on subsequent adventure and combat animations.

2. Plot and creativity: “Dragon Ball” takes Monkey King as the protagonist, telling the story that he and a group of partners search for the mysterious seven dragon balls, and after collecting them, they can summon a dragon to fulfill a wish. The animation plot is compact, full of exciting battles and suspenseful adventure plots. The story incorporates Akira Toriyama’s unique humorous elements, allowing the audience to relax and laugh constantly even in the tense and exciting battles.

3. Time background and nostalgia: “Dragon Ball” was created in the 1980s and 1990s. This is the golden age of Japanese animation, and it is also the time when many people first came into contact with and fell in love with animation. Looking back on the animation works of this period, many people will miss that innocent era. What “Dragon Ball” brings to the audience is not only the excitement of fighting, but also the perception of friendship, persistence and growth. These themes aroused strong resonance among the audience of that era.

4. Advantages and disadvantages: The advantage of “Dragon Ball” lies in its unique creativity, magnificent world view and delicate character description. The plot of the story is compact and the battle scenes are exciting, which brings great enjoyment to the audience. However, for some viewers, the development of the plot may seem a bit draggy, and there are also some shortcomings in the characterization of the characters, which lacks depth at times.

5. Reasons for recommendation: Why do you recommend “Dragon Ball”? First of all, as a classic anime work, it laid the foundation for later anime works, showed the infinite possibilities of animation, and gained great success and recognition in Japan and internationally. Secondly, the unique humorous style and exciting battle scenes of “Dragon Ball” will make the audience get great fun and tension while watching. In addition, the themes of growth, friendship, and persistence conveyed in this work can also resonate with the audience and bring positive energy to people.

Summary: As a classic animation work, “Dragon Ball” had a huge impact on the era at that time, and it still has an important position today. Its innovative plot, unique ideas, and heartfelt portrayal of friendship and growing up are among its strengths. Although there are some deficiencies in character portrayal and plot development, this does not stop the audience’s love and nostalgia for this work. Therefore, I recommend “Dragon Ball”, hoping that more people can appreciate the charm of this classic animation.

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