Analysis of the Bazi pattern, will the size of the fortune make a fortune?

Wealth in a person’s life can be obtained through the horoscope. Many people say that they are destined, which refers to the horoscope. The horoscope can reveal the fortune, marriage, career, wealth, etc. of a person’s life. Fat.

Especially in today’s society, money is the foundation of health. Having money is not everything, but not having money is absolutely impossible. Wealth luck has always been the topic that people pay the most attention to. Everyone wants to know when they will get rich, make a fortune, or how much wealth luck they have in this life.

1. In the horoscope, you will not get rich because of many fortune stars

Or there is no wealth luck because there is no wealth star. Generally speaking, if a person has only one positive or partial fortune star in his horoscope, his luck for wealth will be relatively high.

2. When you are prosperous, you can get wealth when you are lucky

As the saying goes, Japanese people do not ask others for their wealth and wealth. Such people get rich by starting from scratch and working hard. In the original destiny bureau, if you are strong and wealthy, you will get rich quickly; in the original destiny bureau, if you are prosperous and wealthy, you can also get wealth.

3. The fate of food injury and wealth

In the Eight Characters and Ten Gods, the God of Cookery is referred to as Shi, the wounded officer is referred to as Shang, and the God of Cookery and the wounded official are referred to as Shishang. Food injuries can generate wealth stars, and wealth stars are money. The combination of fortunes makes those who suffer from food injury and earn money the most business minded, and they can easily seize opportunities on the road of seeking wealth and make themselves a windfall.

4. Fate that is better than robbery

In the horoscope, the Bijie star is the same as the five elements of the Japanese yen. Bijie represents competition, ambition, seeking wealth, desire, courage, initiative and dissatisfaction. Fate than Jie is the most self-motivated user, and attaches great importance to material and wealth.

In the increasingly competitive modern life, they like to invest in the sea of ​​doing business and seeking money. As long as they get a good opportunity, they will immediately seize it and make a fortune.

5. There is also the so-called “wealth breaking seal”

It means that the body is too prosperous in the fate, and Yin Xing has too much to help him in the next life. At the same time, Yin Xing also restrained the star god who made money. It is manifested in daily life, that is to say, people with this kind of fate often have mediocre jobs and careers, but once they meet a powerful fortune star in fleeting years or Universiade, and then break through the unfavorable situation that the star is a disease, this kind of person It is often the easiest chance to get rich overnight, which makes the originally ordinary life add a lot of joy to life due to the surge in wealth.

6. Wealthy and weak people usually take care of money for others

Although tens of millions of money are handled every day, and the contacts are rich and talented, none of these seem to have anything to do with the life owner. However, if you work and live in such an environment for a long time, you will naturally have a chance to make a fortune. It is only a matter of time. The specific combination form of its fate is wealth and prosperity. Although the Japanese Lord is weak, he has helpers such as ratio, robbery, salary, or blade.

7. If you are weak and prosperous, it is difficult to obtain wealth

You have to walk shoulder to shoulder to get rich. If you are weak and hurt your official luck, you will get wealth if you are destined to be acquired by others, and you will suffer disaster when you are prosperous. The more wealth, the greater the disaster.

8. In the eight-character fate bureau, India is prosperous and officials are also prosperous

However, the Sun Pillar is too weak, and the wealth is not strong. Such a person lives with foreign debts all his life, and the foreign debts are repaid throughout his life. If the wealth in the life bureau is empty and dead, the wealth in the whole life is not strong, and the foreign debts will be less if you don’t see the robbery of wealth, and the foreign debts will increase suddenly when you see the robbery of wealth.

9. If you are lucky, you will have money but no treasury. If you have money, it is hard to keep it

If you have a lot of wealth and a small treasury, you can’t hold it if you have wealth; if you have little wealth and a big treasury, you can get rich when you are lucky, but you will be ruined when you are lucky. The four pillars are strong, prosperous and rich, and must have deposits. If there is no treasury in the hit, there will be deposits in the year of fortune and treasury. The treasury is the big treasury in the year, the Chinese treasury in the month, and the temporary treasury in the day.

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