Among the Maotai sauce wines, the taste of these four wines is the closest to that of Feitian Moutai, and they can be used as daily rations

Among the Maotai sauce wines, the taste of these four wines is the closest to that of Feitian Moutai, and they can be used as daily rations

Kweichow Moutai is undoubtedly the most popular baijiu at the moment. The cheap ones in the live broadcast room are 2,799 yuan. For ordinary people, Moutai is rarely affordable, but it can be replaced by Maotai wine with a similar taste.

There is no mine at home, so I can’t afford to drink Moutai every day.Today, the old master of wine is here to talk to you about “Moutai replacement”. Among the Maotai sauce wines, the taste of these four wines is the closest to that of Feitian Moutai.

The first one: Baiyunbian

Speaking of Baiyunbian, I believe many drinkers should be very familiar with it! It is a relatively common liquor around us, and even many people use this liquor in their homes. It comes from Jingzhou, Hubei Province, and is also a typical representative of liquor in Hubei Province. Its unique taste and flavor are deeply loved by drinkers. Favored, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the “top seller” in tobacco hotels!

Moreover, this wine also has the characteristics of both Luzhou-flavored liquor and Maotai-flavored liquor. It is a typical mixed-flavored liquor in the liquor circle.

The second type: 98% similarity to Yuande imitation Taiwanese wine

The reason why this wine can be ranked under Zhenjiu is because it perfectly replicates “Maoxiang”, and the winemaking environment is the same as that of Maotai. In addition, this wine also increases the five-year storage of Moutai to seven years. Make the wine more stable.

In terms of taste, this wine is full of rich sauce aroma and 7-year cellaring mellow taste, soft and delicate. After drinking, there is a faint floral and fruity aroma in the mouth, with a roasted and nutty aroma at the end, and the empty cup lasts for a long time.

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The third item: 95% of the similarity between China and Taiwan in the past 15 years

Why does Guotai have such strength? This may be because its winery is the second largest brewery in Moutai Town after Moutai, and even Moutai has been rejected many times for acquisition. In 1999, it acquired the old distillery in Maotai Town and started to enter the liquor industry. In the past 20 years, it has established a distillery comparable in size to Moutai.

After Xu Qiang, the lifelong honorary director of Moutai Distillery, became the brewer of Guotai Liquor, the style of Guotai Liquor began to show the style of Moutai Liquor. It is considered to be the prototype of Moutai.

The fourth item: Zhenjiu

Experts recommended this wine to me. I have heard of it before because of its high reputation. The distillery is Guizhou Provincial Zhen Distillery. In the past, this distillery was the testing ground for Kweichow Moutai, so Its taste is very similar to that of Moutai, and the quality of baijiu is very high. At that time, 28 technical backbones and some equipment were transferred from Moutai Distillery to the test site for brewing.

Therefore, the taste and brewing process of this wine and Moutai are similar. Many people think that this wine is a treasure among wines, and the price is not as expensive as Moutai, so it is affordable even if you drink it often.

Well, today’s sharing is over. Do you know any sauce-flavored liquors that are as good as Feitian’s?Friends who like Yuande wine click on the product card in the text!

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