Among the heroes in Liangshanbo, who is the most skilled in magic, who do you think of first? Does Wu Yong really not know?

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In the last issue, we mentioned that before Song Jiang attacked Tian Hu again, he warned Hua Rong and Lu Junyi to varying degrees in the name of farewell. Faced with this warning, Huarong showed a submissive state, and Lu Junyi hurriedly expressed his loyalty, for fear that Song Jiang would doubt his intentions. Therefore, it can only be said that Song Jiang’s identity is quietly changing.

However, although Song Jiang wanted to change his identity among his brothers, there was one thing he had to forget about, that is, the road he wanted to attack was really difficult to fight. Therefore, when he saw that Lu Junyi’s road was easier to fight, his heart collapsed, thinking that God was helping Lu Junyi instead of helping Song Jiang.

Why is it difficult for Song Jiang to fight this way? It was because, among Tian Hu’s troops, there was a man named Qiao Daoqing who not only knew spells, but also had powerful spells. In the first battle, Qiao Daoqing captured many generals on Song Jiang’s side, such as Black Whirlwind Li Kui and others.

For a moment, Qiao Daoqing was in an invincible state. In desperation, Song Jiang had no choice but to discuss with Wu Yong to see how to break Qiao Daoqing’s spell. So, if it were you, the most skilled man among the heroes in Liangshanbo, who would you think of first? It is estimated that many people will say without hesitation that it must be Gongsun Sheng, the Dragon Dragon!

However, at this time, Wu Yong’s first recommendation to Song Jiang was not Gongsun Sheng, the dragon who entered the cloud, but Fan Rui, the demon king of the world. When everyone knows that among the heroes in Liangshanbo, the one who is the most skilled at spells and the one with the most powerful spells is Gongsun Sheng, does Wu Yong really not know? Why recommend Fan Rui to Song Jiang, but not Gongsun Sheng? Why did Wu Yong do this?

Maybe you will say that Fan Rui is in the barracks at this time, the situation is urgent, so Fan Rui can only go first. After all, Fan Rui is known as the Demon King of Confusion, and he is also a person who knows magic. However, according to the description in the novel, Fan Rui was not by Song Jiang’s side at this time. In this regard, in the ninety-fifth chapter of the book “Song Gongming’s Loyalty, Hou Tuqiao Daoqing Defeats Song Bing”, it is written like this:

Song Jiang was shocked when he heard the news, and cried, “Li Kui will die!” Wu Yong persuaded, “Don’t be bored, brother, and deal with business quickly. The thief has sorcery, so go to Huguan to fetch Fan Rui to fight against the enemy.” Song Jiang Said: “While going to fetch Fan Rui, at the same time marching into the army, ask the thief how to beg Li Kui and others.”

Did you see that when Song Jiang was worried about Li Kui’s safety, the first person Wu Yong recommended to Song Jiang was Fan Rui. However, at this time, Fan Rui was in Huguan, not by Song Jiang’s side. Since neither Fan Rui nor Gongsun Sheng is by Song Jiang’s side, why did Wu Yong recommend Fan Rui first instead of Gongsun Sheng? It can only be said that Wu Yong and Gongsun Sheng are actually at odds.

Why do you say that? First of all, being the first to recommend Fan Rui instead of Gongsun Sheng is an excellent proof. Wu Yong has seen Gongsun Sheng’s spells before, and he can completely break Qiao Daoqing’s spells. As for Fan Rui’s spell, Wu Yong probably hadn’t even seen it before, so he believed that Fan Rui could also break Qiao Daoqing’s spell.

Secondly, Wu Yong didn’t want Gongsun Sheng to show off again. Because, almost every time Song Jiang and the others were besieged by people with spells, Gongsun Sheng would always come forward to solve the problem and steal the limelight, which instead made Wu Yong, the military adviser, seem useless. Therefore, in Wu Yong’s heart, he still hated Gongsun Sheng very much.

The above two points are the reasons why Wu Yong did this. It’s not that Wu Yong doesn’t know how powerful Gongsun Sheng is, but on the contrary, because he knows how powerful Gongsun Sheng is, he doesn’t want to use him. However, maybe Wu Yong didn’t expect that his selfishness almost killed Song Jiang! Because, in a hurry, Song Jiang listened to Wu Yong’s recommendation, and did not find Gongsun Sheng immediately, which caused Song Jiang to be besieged by Qiao Daoqing. There is no way out, and there are chasing soldiers behind. Seeing that Song Jiang and others are about to commit suicide, the sword is already on his neck. Fortunately, the God of Houtu came forward to help, which made Song Jiang get rid of Qiao Daoqing’s siege .

Moreover, the God of Houtu also told Song Jiang that if he wanted to break Qiao Daoqing, he had to enter Yunlong Gongsun Sheng! Here’s what the book says about it:

You should have a few days of disaster. Now that the demon water is gone, you can return to the camp quickly and send people to Weizhou to rescue them. Do your best to serve your country!

The above passage is exactly what the God of Houtu told Song Jiang. He clearly told Song Jiang that he had to go to Weizhou to break Qiao Daoqing’s spell. Who is in Weizhou? It was Gongsun Sheng!

So, Fan Rui, who was recommended by Wu Yong first, how is his magic? Here, Chongzi Tianxia won’t go into details, because the scene of being defeated by Qiao Daoqing was too horrible to bear. As soon as Gongsun Sheng appeared, it was different. It can be said that the morale of the army was greatly boosted. From this, it can also be seen that the difference between Fan Rui and Gongsun Sheng is not just a little bit.

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