Akira Toriyama’s manga “Dragon Ball” The short life trajectory of Saiyan scout Raditz who is neither long-lasting nor powerful

Akira Toriyama’s manga “Dragon Ball” The short life trajectory of Saiyan scout Raditz who is neither long-lasting nor powerful

durable and powerful

There is a saying that “the longer a man lasts, the stronger he is.” This sentence is actually very suitable to be included in Akira Toriyama’s comic “Dragon Ball” as a standard to measure the combat effectiveness of fighters.

For example, as long as they are well-known fighters, they can basically fight Wukong for hundreds of rounds. The longer the fighting power is, the stronger it will be, such as Tianjin Fan, Piccolo, Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, etc.

One of them is very famous, but he fights very hard. This person is Goku’s brother, one of the three Saiyans who survived the destruction of Planet Vegeta by Frieza.

According to the evaluation of the length of the battle, Raditz has not fought Wukong and Piccolo for a long time, so it is concluded that Raditz is very weak!

At that time, Wukong and Piccolo had passed 5 years since the last World No. 1 Martial Arts Tournament. Since the two had never encountered a strong enemy, they had obviously entered a comfortable period. They were not strong enough when they met Raditz and felt that the sky was falling apart. same.

In a few years, looking at this Raditz, who has put himself in a hard fight, feels like a small pickle.

Let’s talk about Raditz’s short life of tragedy.

And listen to the eloquence.

before coming to earth

Although Raditz and Goku are brothers, they separated when they were very young. At that time, Frieza summoned the Saiyans to gather on Planet Vegeta. Goku was launched to the earth by his father Bardock, and Raditz and Vegeta attacked other planets together, ignoring Frieza’s summoning order.

Planet Vegeta and most of the Saiyans were wiped out that night.

The Saiyan squad, as Frieza’s legion, began to attack other planets and continue to fight. Nappa’s combat power is 4,000, Vegeta’s is 18,000, and Raditz’s is 1,500.

Before coming to Earth, Raditz was more like a scout who could communicate well, and the actual combat tasks were basically handled by the mass-production cultivator, Nappa, and Vegeta.

Raditz just needs to complete the reconnaissance mission.

Without strength, there is no right to speak, so Raditz’s position in the Saiyan team is just that. Grandma doesn’t love her uncle, and she received a lunch box on Earth. Nappa thought about it for a while. Vegeta even No eyebrows furrowed.

If you have been in such a working environment for a long time, you will naturally feel depressed, depressed, and hopeless, and feel that it is meaningless, and people will ignore you. Think about it, playing games with cultivators who are as powerful as Raditz, pointing fingers and scolding, Who can bear this.

So when Raditz knew that there was still a brother on Earth, he was overjoyed, especially when the other party had less combat power than himself and was weaker.

In a team, there must be a person at the bottom, so that the team can be healthy, and everyone will run on the bottom person to gain a sense of existence, because everyone’s life is not good.

Although Vegeta and Nappa deliberately or unintentionally pinpoint Raditz, it is because they are the bottom team compared with Frieza’s Qiu Yi, Dodoria, Sabo, and Ginyu special forces, and they must often be pinched by others , was not comfortable.

The pressure from the two brothers was passed on from generation to generation and passed on to Raditz.

With such pressure, Raditz came to Earth with hope.


After arriving on Earth, Raditz’s itinerary was very tight. It took only 1 or 2 hours from landing happily to leaving with a sallow face. This is how life is. When the time comes, I will remind you what to do and wait for life. It ended like nothing was done.

What Raditz did in this glorious 2 hours, to sum up, is to kill a farmer, humiliate Kobayashi, Wukong, Piccolo, draw cakes that are not good enough to be soft, but hard ones, tie Wukong’s son, and finally be killed by Piccolo kill.

In fact, as a low-level fighter, Raditz could have avoided fighting. He would not hide his aura, exuding a strong fighting power all over his body. Goku and Piccolo would not challenge him hastily.

But if they really fight, Raditz only possesses fighting power, his fighting methods are pitiful, and he has too little actual combat experience.

Compared with Nappa, who has experienced many battles on the front line, he is much worse. For example, Nappa once avoided the Qiyuan Slash that made Frieza flustered, and faced the powerful enemy Wukong once calmly and calmly.

And Raditz was dumbfounded when he saw Piccolo’s magic gun, and panicked after being hugged by Wukong. The tail contained the back of the giant ape, but he didn’t show it at all.

Even after being beaten to death, Raditz was punished again when he arrived at Hades’ place, and he was punished everywhere when he was alive, and he was not treated by anyone when he was dead. Raditz was really aggrieved.

Raditz is at the lowest level of the Vegeta group. From his and Goku’s rhetoric, it can be seen that he has been deceived by the ruler. The ruler here refers to Frieza, and Frieza is what he says.

Therefore, he also lied to Wukong, saying that he would eat and drink hot food outside, attack the planet, and use the set of values ​​he accepted to export to Wukong, making Wukong think one-sided and simple.

If Raditz lived on the earth for a while and got along with the people on earth for a few months, I believe that not only his mind but also his martial arts would undergo a qualitative leap.

It’s a pity that there is no if. Raditz’s death was actually caused by himself. Wukong’s resistance is because he doesn’t want to turn himself into an unfamiliar person, no matter how well that kind of life is described.

In fact, after living in a closed environment for a long time, many people will be more xenophobic like Wukong. If Wukong gets out of the closed loop of the earth, he will definitely have better development and breakthroughs.

It’s a pity that the guide was not Raditz, but Vegeta. Under the stimulation and indirect effect of Vegeta, Goku left the earth and went to Planet Namek. He moved living trees and died, and his combat power jumped like flying !

I hope Raditz’s story can give you some inspiration.

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