Air conditioner recommends Haier, from self-cleaning to air washing, Haier air conditioner escorts health

Recently, the hot weather for many consecutive days has also made the air-conditioning market popular, and the diversification of consumption has forced the continuous improvement of air-conditioning technology. Competition for the share of air conditioners has also become increasingly fierce. Since the beginning of 2023, domestic sales of air conditioners have grown rapidly for four consecutive months. Among the TOP3 brands favored by the public, Haier air conditioner has the fastest growth rate, 2-3 times ahead of other brands.

Why do users choose Haier air conditioners? From the hot-selling products in the market and user research, it is found that Haier air conditioners hold a “trump card”, that is, people are increasingly pursuing healthy air conditioners, and Haier is the pioneer of healthy air conditioners leader, leader.

Originated from self-cleaning, the pioneer of healthy air-conditioning

With the continuous increase of users’ attention to “health”, head air conditioner companies have launched new healthy products. But in fact, what many people don’t know is that self-cleaning air conditioners, fresh air conditioners and other hot new technology products on the market all come from Haier air conditioners.

In 2015, Haier Air Conditioning developed the industry’s first “self-cleaning air conditioner” based on its keen insight into consumers’ concerns and needs for healthy air, bringing users an unprecedented air experience. “An air conditioner that can ‘take a bath’ by yourself is so necessary” “No longer afraid of the smell of the air conditioner”… Positive feedback from users made Haier Air Conditioner recognize the road of “health”, and since then fully opened “healthy air conditioner” era.

In just two years, Haier’s self-cleaning air conditioner sales exceeded 10 million units, becoming a phenomenon-level explosion in the industry. However, Haier air conditioners did not stop. Instead, following the growing health needs of users, they accelerated the innovation and iteration of self-cleaning, from 56°C high-temperature self-cleaning, the fifth-generation sterilization and self-cleaning technology to the current air washing.

The continuous innovation of health technology has also enabled Haier Air Conditioning to achieve rapid and high growth, ranking among the top three in the top position. From 2016 to 2022, the market share of Haier air conditioners rose from 10.5% to 19.5%, achieving 6 consecutive increases.

The first to wash the air, leading a new breakthrough in health technology

I was stunned when I first found out that Haier Air Washer can be used with 1 machine and 6 machines. , very comfortable”, in the survey of users across the country, Mr. Chen and Ms. Zhang from Xiamen, Fujian Province were full of praise for Haier’s new air-washing air conditioner.

In fact, the advent of Haier’s washing air conditioner not only “shocked” users, but also shocked people in the industry. Compared with ordinary air conditioners with only a single function, Haier Air Washer Air Conditioners can be called “all-round”, integrating six types of product functions such as air conditioners, purifiers, humidifiers, and disinfectors. One function can be used for six machines, which can efficiently solve Various air problems.

More importantly, Haier’s washing air conditioners are in the leading position in the industry in terms of various capabilities. Taking the purification function as an example, the world’s first air washing technology can use high-speed rotation to form a 19-layer water curtain inside, just like a heavy rain, it can wash away dust, mites, dander, formaldehyde, odors, viruses, Cotton wool contains 7 types of air pollutants, making the air in your home always clean as new.

Since its establishment, Haier Air Conditioning has successively created many firsts in the industry. From the first split air conditioner to the first self-cleaning air conditioner, Haier Air Conditioning has always been at the forefront of the industry, solidly developing technology, and constantly bringing disruptive innovations. Dedicate more high-quality air conditioners to people with ingenuity to meet the needs of a better life.

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