After a lapse of 9 years, the rare species “original musk deer” reappeared, and the researchers were very excited

Good news! The staff of the Northeast Tiger and Leopard National Park, when checking the infrared camera, found an exciting figure from the captured pictures: a former musk deer appeared in the camera, and saw that it was very vigilant. While walking, he observed the surrounding environment, lowered his head and nibbled a few mouthfuls of dry grass, and quickly disappeared from the screen.

It is reported that the last time the original musk deer appeared in the Northeast Tiger and Leopard National Park was in 2013. Now, after 9 years, they were seen again. The staff was so excited that they hurriedly sent this video to I contacted zoologists and asked them to identify the health of this original musk deer.

Relevant experts said: This is an adult female musk deer. Judging from the video, it is in good health and should have been living in the local area for a while.

However, there are many natural enemies of the original musk deer, such as Siberian tigers, leopards, black bears, and even lynxes and foxes. Therefore, in the Siberian tiger and leopard national park, this original musk deer is also in danger. Not safe.

So, what exactly is a musk deer? Why is it protecting animals?

Although the original musk deer looks like a small deer, they belong to the musk family and mainly live in the mountains and forests in northern my country. “, that is taken from them.

Of course, it is precisely because of the “musk” on the original musk deer that they are targeted by humans, and this is also the beginning of their step-by-step endangerment.

Judging from the data, as early as the Han Dynasty, more than 2,000 years ago, traditional Chinese medicine discovered the medicinal value of musk, so since then, the original musk has been hunted and killed by people, just to get it from them. Go musk.

However, modern research has found that musk does not only grow on the original musk deer, but in the sachet extracts of many civets and male muskrats, they all contain the same musk as the original musk deer, and with the development of science However, the medicinal value of artificial musk is not inferior to that of natural musk. Therefore, if you continue to believe in the folk sayings and hunt down the original musk in order to obtain musk, you will be in prison.

After all, due to human hunting for thousands of years, the number of wild musk deer in my country is only about 3,000. In addition, they have many natural enemies, so the wild population growth is very slow. Therefore, as an endangered species, the musk deer is now becoming a Animals under national first-class protection, if you have the opportunity to meet them in the wild, don’t make any wrong thoughts about them.

So, as a national first-class protected animal, if the Siberian tiger eats the original musk deer, should it be punished?

After the original musk deer was photographed in the Northeast Tiger and Leopard National Park this time, many netizens were very interested in this small animal that can secrete “musk”, especially after learning that they are national first-class protected animals. Many netizens want to know, if this original musk deer is hunted and killed by wild tigers or other beasts, if humans find out, will they stop the beasts from harming it, or punish the beasts that ate it Woolen cloth?

This question is very interesting. In fact, humans have no right to interfere with the normal hunting behavior of wild animals. After all, in nature, there is a food chain. Food for beasts.

Moreover, the classification of the so-called “protected animals” is also determined by humans. For wild animals, they don’t know whether they are protected animals, nor do they know their natural enemies, or the objects they hunt. Whether to protect animals.

It can be said that all behaviors of wild animals tend to be instinctive. Therefore, even if one day someone sees a tiger or other beasts hunting musk deer in the wild, they cannot stop the hunting. Correspondingly, For the beast that ate the original musk deer, it does not need to be punished.

For example, wild sika deer is also a national first-class protected animal. However, in April last year, when the staff of the Siberian Tiger and Leopard National Park found a scene of a wild sika deer being chased by a wild Siberian tiger through the real-time monitoring system , but did not intervene, but recorded this wonderful recipe.

After all, this is their survival rule. Wild sika deer is the same as the original musk deer. Although they are national first-class protected animals, they still cannot escape the hunting of natural enemies in the wild, and most of them will become the food of natural enemies.

So, how to protect the original musk deer without violating the laws of nature?

The most critical point is to establish a nature reserve for the original musk deer, monitor the population of the original musk deer in real time, and at the same time, if any injured musk deer is found, rescue them in time.

For example, in Baishan, Jilin, my country, there is a national-level musk deer protection area. Although there are many wild animals here, the protection of musk deer is still the main focus. Although the staff will not interfere with the hunting of musk deer by other animals, but , but by improving the ecological environment in the reserve, the original musk deer can settle here with peace of mind.

Therefore, this place has also become one of the distribution areas with the largest number of original musk deer in my country. According to the field survey data in 2018, there are at least 40 original musk deer living in this reserve.

Therefore, as long as human beings do not harm them, then, as the wild population of the original musk deer continues to recover and the diversity of wild animals continues to stabilize, the original musk deer will not disappear from our country. You can rest assured on this point.

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