A Shandong woman went to Guangdong as a guest, and after eating a meal, she realized: Why are Cantonese so thin when they can eat?

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As the old saying goes: “Food in Guangdong, taste in Sichuan”.

Cantonese people are very good at eating, no matter whether they are traveling in the sky or running on the ground, all Cantonese people love to eat. Today’s Guangdong has gathered delicacies from all over the country. There are even hundreds of kinds of breakfast. beyond reach.

Interested people may find a strange phenomenon: although Cantonese are very good at eating,

But walking in the streets and alleys of Guangdong, it is difficult to see fat people

At a glance, they are all thin people.

According to the latest data, the obesity rate in Guangdong is much lower than the national average.

Recently, Zhang Xuehan, a woman from Shandong, went to a friend in Guangdong as a guest.

Only after eating a meal did I understand: Why are Cantonese people so thin when they can eat?

Why do Cantonese people eat and drink a lot and still not gain weight?

After Zhang Xuehan arrived in Guangdong, his Guangdong friend invited Zhang Xuehan to have breakfast. In a tea restaurant, the Guangdong friend ordered a table of fresh dishes.

Zhang Xuehan counted it carefully, and there were no less than 16 dishes in total.

The whole dining table couldn’t be crowded, Zhang Xuehan thought to himself: 5 people can’t finish eating so many dishes, right?

In the end, I didn’t expect that it was eaten by everyone, because although there are a lot of dishes,

but the portion is small

most of the dishes are mainly three or four.

For example, Zhang Xuehan’s favorite crystal shrimp dumplings are served in a bamboo steamer. The steamer looks relatively large, but there are only 4 shrimp dumplings in one serving, and one is not enough for 5 people.

Fortunately, my friends from Guangdong ordered a lot of dishes. I ordered two dishes such as crystal shrimp dumplings and rice rolls, so everyone would not be embarrassed because they couldn’t get them.

After eating this breakfast, Zhang Xuehan understood:

Although Cantonese people can eat it, but the dishes are not much

just eat more types, pay more attention to nutrition and health, so naturally it is not easy to gain weight.

When it was lunch time, a friend from Guangdong cooked 4 dishes at home to entertain Zhang Xuehan. The two of them ate 4 dishes, which was more than enough.

The cooking skills of my friends from Guangdong are not bad. There are braised eggplants, fried Cantonese cabbage sums, swimming crabs, and pipi shrimps. These 4 dishes seem to be quite a lot in quantity, but they are actually not that much.

And it’s mostly seafood dishes.

the taste is light and taste, and they are all less salt and less oil,

For example, fried swimming crabs, if the fried swimming crabs in Zhang Xuehan’s old family like to emphasize the taste, they like to put more oil to fry the swimming crabs to give them a fragrance.

But my friend fried it very lightly, just put it in the pot and boil it for a while, and it’s out of the pot. The eating habits of less salt and less oil, the intake of calories and fat is less, it’s not surprising that Cantonese people can eat it without gaining weight up.

The same is true for lunch at noon the next day. One serving of squid rings, one serving of braised fish, and one serving of stir-fried sweet potato leaves. The squid rings made by my friend in Guangdong just put them in the pot and blanch them, and they came out of the pot in less than 3 minutes. .

When eating, eat it with a friend’s secret sauce, and the method of braised fish is relatively light. Put the fish in the pan and fry until golden brown, then add a little chives and it will be out of the pan, although it is fried , but in fact put the oil is not much.

Stir-fried sweet potato leaves are even lighter. Put the sweet potato leaves directly into the pot and fry for less than 3 minutes. After the sweet potato leaves become soft, add a little salt and it is ready.

There is no seasoning such as MSG, and the food is very light

The dinner is the same. There are Cantonese special white-cut chicken, Cantonese cabbage heart, squid with green pepper, and fried fish nuggets. This is the first time for Zhang Xuehan to eat Guangdong white-cut chicken. The taste is very light, unlike the chicken fried by Shandong people. So heavy taste.

The green pepper squid is filled with non-spicy peppers. After blanching the squid, my friends from Guangdong basically didn’t put any oil in it when they fried it. They only dripped four or five drops of oil, and then stir-fried the squid and colored peppers for a while before they came out of the pan. up.

The taste is also very light. Seafood and other dishes are low in calories and fat, and Cantonese people love them very much.

In addition, there is less salt and less oil when frying, no wonder Cantonese people can’t get fat after eating and drinking.

The Cantonese diet is very scientific and worth learning.

How do you feel about this?

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