A piece of news about rubber joints

Let’s find out together! As an indispensable connection in the pipeline system, rubber joints are of various types and of varying quality.

So, how to distinguish the quality of rubber joints? The technicians provided us with the easiest selection method:

First of all, look at the color of the flexible rubber joint, natural bright black is a good rubber ball; secondly, if you touch it with your hands, it is smooth and flexible, and it is a good rubber ball; thirdly, pulling and stretching normally means that it is high-quality rubber ;Finally, the pressed, soft rubber joints are premium rubber. Therefore, when purchasing flexible rubber joints, you must look at the quality of the rubber ball.

The quality of rubber joints is related to the safety and stability of the pipeline system. How to choose high-quality rubber joints requires us to pay more attention. Do you have other options? Welcome to leave a message to share with us in the comment area.

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