A netizen encounters an unknown creature: wearing a “tiger skin trench coat”, cute and fierce, what is it?

A Xinjiang netizen found a strange looking animal on the Gobi Desert. I saw that it looked like a puppy, but it was wearing a tiger skin, and it seemed to be some kind of weasel.

Although this “unknown creature” is not big in size, it is fierce. This Xinjiang netizen tried to get close to it. Unexpectedly, this little guy was very vigilant. When he saw someone approaching, he immediately screamed. Got up, and made an attacking gesture of rushing forward.

Later, the Xinjiang netizen who came across it took a video and posted it on the Internet, wanting to ask everyone if they know what kind of small animal it is.

Soon, this video aroused the attention and heated discussions of netizens. Some netizens pointed out: This little animal seems to be a “wild tiger weasel”. Although it is small, even if it meets a tiger, it dares to go up and compete. one time.

So, what is a “wild tiger weasel”?

Tiger weasel is a mustelidae animal that mainly lives in deserts, Gobi, and sand dunes. In my country, it is mainly distributed in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Qinghai and other places.

The reason why many people don’t know it is because the distribution of tiger weasel in our country is very small, and the population density is extremely low. Therefore, even in their habitat, it is possible that there is no wild tiger weasel in a year haunt.

Moreover, from the perspective of global distribution, as early as 2008, tiger weasels were listed as vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, which also means that they are not only endangered animals in my country, but also all over the world.

So, what is causing the tiger weasel population to be scarce?

The study believes that this is mainly related to the destruction of their habitat by humans. As a typical desert and semi-desert steppe animal, the tiger weasel mainly feeds on various rodents, but due to the impact of human activities, for example, humans want to eliminate To deal with the rodent problem, “rodenticide” will be sprayed on the desert grassland. In this way, not only will the tiger weasels be poisoned by mistake, but also their food will be greatly reduced. Naturally, the population of tiger weasels will continue to decline. It is difficult to develop stably.

In addition, some researchers pointed out that due to the impact of global climate change, it is almost impossible to restore the population of wild tiger ferrets. Therefore, it may not be long before this very special little animal will completely disappear from the earth. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to see them in the wild, it is also a valuable experience.

Take the Gobi Desert in Xinjiang, where a netizen encountered a wild tiger weasel, as an example. This is also one of the places with the largest number of tiger weasels in my country. In July this year, a wild tiger appeared in a residential area of ​​the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. Ferret. At that time, it was accidentally trapped by a sticky mouse board. After being discovered by enthusiastic people, it was sent to the police station in the jurisdiction.

During the rescue period, the tiger weasel kept barking its teeth and roaring until it escaped safely and knew that people would not harm it. Then it calmed down. Afterwards, the local police took it to the wild and released it. Relevant experts said that it It should have entered a residential area by mistake while foraging.

Also, in May of this year, a tiger weasel appeared in a green forest in Jimsar County, Xinjiang. It can be seen from this that with the continuous recovery of Xinjiang’s ecological environment, the number of tiger weasels has gradually increased. This is indeed good news for the tiger weasel, which is at risk of extinction.

So, what is the character of the tiger weasel? Does it really dare to challenge the tiger?

In fact, we can see from the video of encountering tiger weasels this time that they are indeed relatively fierce. According to relevant experts, because tiger weasels have many natural enemies in nature, such as medium and large raptors, foxes, wolves, etc., they will attack them. Hunting, therefore, in order to protect itself, the tiger weasel will always remain vigilant and make itself look fierce.

For example, when tiger ferrets encounter danger, they will quickly find a place to hide. If they can’t find a safe place, they will face each other and stand upright. The general rapid roar, hoping to scare away the enemy.

If the other party doesn’t buy it, the tiger weasel will launch the “ultimate move”. Like the weasel, it will immediately secrete a very unpleasant smell, which will suddenly attack the predators who approach it. , often stop, and even appear dizzy. During this period, Tiger Weasel will try to escape again.

Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to say that tiger weasels can single out tigers. It can only be said that when they encounter medium and large beasts, they will use self-made “biochemical weapons” to protect themselves and seek a chance of survival for themselves. They absolutely did not dare to step forward, because this would be a dead end for them.

Of course, judging from the distribution of tiger weasels, in fact, they will never meet tigers, because their habitats do not overlap at all. Therefore, saying that tiger weasel can single out tigers is also the “” Myth”.

Relevant experts said: The seemingly inconspicuous tiger weasel is the “rat extermination guard” in the desert area. They are one of the most powerful mouse catching experts on the earth. This will also be a very big loss for humans, especially in desert grassland areas. Because of their disappearance, “rat infestations” are more likely to occur, causing the local ecosystem to fall into a vicious circle.

Therefore, although it is not easy to protect tiger ferrets and rebuild their stable population in the wild, we still need to find ways to protect them and prevent them from unnatural extinction from the earth. So, friends, do you know this little animal? What are your views? Welcome to leave a message to share!

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