A mysterious animal appeared in Changbai Mountain. Is it a dog or a fox?maybe a product of a mutation

On the mountain road of Changbai Mountain, a strange animal suddenly appeared. It seemed to want to beg for some food, but it did not leave after eating, but sat quietly beside the netizens.

From the outside, this animal should be a fox, but its hair is black, and its face looks more and more like a dog, even a bit like a jackal or a raccoon dog. In particular, it is not afraid of people at all, which makes netizens feel very strange.

What kind of animal is this, and why does it appear near Changbai Mountain? Why is it not afraid of people?

Do you know how fish are drowned?

Exactly how many animals are prison-bottomed beasts?

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>>The product of a genetic mutation?

After verification, it can be basically determined that this strange animal is a silver black fox, which is a relatively rare species. The silver black fox is a mutation product of the red fox’s coat color under natural conditions.

The fur color of the silver black fox and the red fox is very different, and the reason for the variation is still unclear. But it is worth noting that the silver black fox and the red fox belong to the same species, and their genetic differences are mainly concentrated in genes that control coat color.

red fox

silver black fox

In recent years, due to the rapid development and large scale of the silver-black fox breeding industry, some people regard the silver-black fox as a subspecies of the red fox, but to be precise, the silver-black fox should be a mutant.

The silver black fox is basically the same size as the red fox, and it is a typical canid fox., good at running, quick in action, thin waist and long legs, sharp mouth and big eyes, erect ears. They dissipate heat in a similar way to dogs, by opening their mouths and tongues and breathing quickly, because their sweat glands are also underdeveloped.

The biggest difference between the silver black fox and the red fox is the coat color. The whole body of the silver black fox is basically black. If you look closely, you will find that there are evenly distributed silver fine hairs all over the body, which is also the source of its name. The silver black fox has a silver ring around its face and usually has a pure white tail tip.

Silver black fox is also called silver fox, which is called “xuanhu” in ancient China. Just hearing the name of “silver fox”, some people will confuse it with arctic fox, but in fact the two are far apart. Arctic fox is also called white fox and snow fox. The main color of the whole body is white, with some black fur mixed in between.

>>The source of high-grade fur?

In ancient my country, there was a saying that “the first grade black fox, the second grade mink, and the third grade fox mink”. The magic of coat color endows the silver black fox with the first advantage as a breeding product. The silver hair is evenly distributed, inconspicuous but luxurious.

Now, more colorful fur can be obtained by crossing silver fox with blue fox and red fox.

Good warmth retention is the second advantage of the silver black fox’s fur. Native to regions of Alaska and Siberia, the animals grow warm fur to adapt to the extreme cold.

The fur of the silver black fox is delicate and rich, and the color is bright, which is the third reason why people favor it. Of course, the healthier the fox, the better the luster of its fur and the smoother it feels.

Due to these advantages, the silver black fox is very popular in the fur market. Their number has been increasing with the passage of time, and the silver black foxes raised in recent years have been included in the “National Catalog of Livestock and Poultry Genetic Resources”.

farmed silver black fox

However, silver black foxes have always been rare in the wild. If someone finds a silver fox that is not afraid of people on the Internet, it is probably not because of good luck, but there are two possible sources of this silver fox: one is an animal that escaped from a farm, and the other is that it was farmed by people. Animals bought and released from the farm. Although releasing life is regarded by some as one of the ways to do good deeds, blindly releasing life may cause greater harm to life.

Silver black foxes that are not afraid of people also appeared in Mentougou, Beijing

>>Releasing life doesn’t necessarily lead to virtue?

For animals such as silver black foxes, they have become accustomed to the life of artificial breeding, and their bodies have lost their wildness.

Before the pandas are released into the wild, they need to go through strict “wild cultivation”. However, the silver black fox is bred only for skinning, and has no ability to obtain food at all, so it may not be able to adapt to life in the wild. This is why we often find silver black foxes seeking food in densely populated areas such as isolation points, farmers, and scenic spots.

In addition, a breeding location is not necessarily a suitable location for animals to live in. Because the breeding farm can artificially adjust the natural environment such as temperature and humidity, and the production and transportation issues may be considered when selecting the factory site, the wild environment of the breeding site may not necessarily be the most suitable for animals to survive. If they are released in an environment that is not suitable for the growth of animals, then the only thing waiting for them is death.

In addition, the farm environment has many fewer pathogens than the wild environment, so the immune system of farmed animals may be weaker than that of wild animals and lack some antibodies. If they were suddenly exposed to the wild, disease would also be their enemy.

As far as the environment is concerned, irresponsible release may threaten the survival of local animals and plants, thereby breaking the local ecological balance.

The hares that grow wantonly in Australia, and the pearl soft-shelled turtles that invade my country’s fresh water and occupy the living space of native turtles and soft-shelled turtles are all animals that grow wildly after invasion and bring harm.

Foxes also have a history of invasion. Once, Australia hoped to curb the wild breeding of wild rabbits by introducing foxes, but it was counterproductive, and the introduced foxes were completely out of control. They prefer less agile animals such as native Australian kangaroos as food, and rabbits, which do not need to be eliminated and seize livestock resources, are not their first choice.

Silver black foxes were once found near Mentougou, Beijing, and they often follow wild red foxes. Experts are very worried about this, because the red fox and the silver black fox belong to the same species, and there is no reproductive isolation between them. Once hybridized, it may cause the immunity of the wild red fox population to decline and eventually lead to the decline of the red fox population.

Therefore, the release of life needs to be carefully considered. Blind release of life that is not combined with the actual situation is not a kind of mercy, but a kind of harm under the cloak of morality.

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