A must for every season! Six moisturizing and whitening lipstick recommendations: It looks very gentle and white!

A must for every season! Six moisturizing and whitening lipstick recommendations: It looks very gentle and white!

YSL Matte Lip Glaze 16#

The new lip gloss launched in the winter of 2017, do you think hin is familiar with the appearance? 16# is a coral-toned rose color, very friendly on the lips, and looks very gentle.

The texture is light and smooth, not difficult to push off like other matte lip glosses. There will be no dryness and peeling in the follow-up.

MAC seesheer#

It is a very everyday color, a must for small fresh nude makeup, it is moist and transparent, and has a special natural and girlish feel, but the covering power is not particularly good, and MMs with deep lip lines need to use a primer.

This popular grapefruit coral color is a must-have for Korean drama heroines. The pink orange is rosy, not as white as the legend, but it is very friendly to yellow skin, and the texture is very moist. Don’t worry about peeling, but relatively, Longevity and color payoff are not that good.

The biggest advantage is that no matter how dark and yellow your skin is, it will not look awkward when you apply it. Compared with other coral oranges, the color tone of SeeSheer is relatively darker and more brick red, so the contrast with the skin is greatly reduced.

VDL Gradient Tricolor Lipstick

Reason for recommendation: A must-have for lazy people who want to create lip-biting makeup. The color changes gradually from light to dark. One swipe is a natural lip-biting makeup. The color is also very mainstream. The disadvantage is that the tube is not very design sense.

Chanel Lip Glaze 154

The very textured frosted glass case has an excellent touch, and it is not easy to be scratched in the bag (hin is important!); although it is a small one, hin has weight and is easy to carry. Don’t miss it when you look at it~

Although it was already an outdated Internet celebrity last year, and this year’s new ones are emerging one after another, I still love the color of this one very much. It can be used for daily or important occasions;

Last year, Chanel’s imprinted lip glaze was very popular. 154# was so popular that it was out of stock all over the world. The more it was out of stock, the more I wanted it. I found one when I searched everywhere. It was berry red on the lips, not for children kind. The color on the lips will not be very deep, and there will be a gradual change in different layers of application. It is very suitable for lip-biting makeup, and there is a lot of room to play;

Mac #See sheer

The picture comes from the Internet, invaded and deleted

The famous grapefruit color, invincible and gentle! Moisturizing texture, easy to push away, no streaks. The picture above is a color test comparison of dark lip color and light lip color. The color will be a little different, and the yellow skin will also show the complexion. But they are all pink and tender, so you can use it without makeup~

huayuji herbal lipstick

This Huayuji botanical lipstick is very temperamental for daily use! It looks bursting!! Don’t pick your skin, whether it is yellow skin or white skin, you can easily control this lipstick, which can show both whiteness and temperament!

The lipstick is really tender and clear, high-end and unassuming, low-key luxury is the best description for it. At the same time, advanced moisturizing ingredients are used, which can provide sufficient moisture for the lip skin during use, and keep moisturizing for a long time. It not only makes the lip skin moist and smooth, but also slows down the appearance of lip lines. Even without a primer, it is very easy to apply, the texture is moisturizing, it can dilute lip lines, and it will not feel greasy.

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And the color will change with the PH value of the lips. Its color is soft and a little bit mature. The upper lip gives plain makeup and light makeup without looking too “pretentious”.

Its color is definitely the one with the highest degree of matching with the yellow skin color, which makes the color between the lips natural and full and advanced, and a light makeup is enough to give people a sense of natural beauty. No matter it is thinly applied or thickly applied, it looks good. Thin application is a pseudo-plain lip color that can never go wrong, as if it is your own lip color. It is naturally unpretentious and can bring a natural and advanced good complexion.

When applied thickly, it is a more retro and delicate peach color, and it has to be praised for its whitening strength. It is a relatively tender and elegant color, and the upper lip also looks lively and clean, which can easily become the finishing touch on the natural and uncarved cheeks. Sisters who like plain makeup or light makeup, a transparent base makeup with such a clear color will really make your clear temperament get twice the result with half the effort.

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