A Diamond Necklace (Little Fiction)

bigThe army’s surname is Lin. For Lin Dajun, the world is hazy, whether it is the mist on his highly myopic eyes or the complicated bustle around him.

Dajun is the security guard of this supermarket who stands in front of the door every day to greet the distinguished guests who drive in.

When there is a lot of passenger flow, he will help evacuate vehicles. When there is little passenger flow, he will use a long-handled clip to pick up cigarette butts on the ground.

He has to work the night shift every day, because his brain is not sharp, and the supervisor always tells him: “You are suitable for the night shift, because you are full of energy, and you hardly use your brain during the day.”

Da Jun is very familiar with the white car with the tiger head logo. It is the boss’s car, specifically the female boss’s car. Every time the car came, the supervisor asked Dajun to salute, but the boss said there was no need, so Dajun sometimes saluted, and sometimes silently watched the car come in or go out.

Today the boss’ car drove away, leaving a shiny thing on the parking space.

a diamond necklace

Dajun’s hands trembled, blue veins popped out on the back of his hands, the back of his neck felt a little chilly, and his hairs stood on end. He knew that this necklace might be made of water, although he had never seen it on that white and smooth neck, but he It feels like it’s the boss’s.

Da Jun was torn in his heart. He didn’t know what to do with the necklace. He didn’t dare to go forward, knocked on the glass window, and said softly, “Is this the necklace you dropped?”

He didn’t even dare to put this necklace on the parking space, let the sunlight, moonlight, and even wind and rain trample on it, or be taken away by someone with ulterior motives.

He even had a little longing in his heart, if this necklace was handed over to the boss, what would happen to the boss? How would you treat him, a security guard with no brains? What do you think of this employee who salutes every day?

After thinking about it all morning, he didn’t know what to do. The morning sun shone on him, not warm but impetuous, more and more impetuous, he even forgot to guide the employee vehicles that had already started to enter the site, he even forgot to guide the delivery trucks to drive into the correct unloading truck bit.

The head of security came over and slapped him across the face, “Da Jun! What are you doing? Do you know how messy the cars are this morning?”

The security supervisor raised his hand again as he spoke, and Dajun fled away in fright. He saw a car not parked in the right place, so he hurried over to command.

The heavy necklace was in his pocket, rubbing against his skin through a thin layer of cloth.

This matter must be dealt with, Da Jun gave himself firm confidence in his heart, if he didn’t deal with it, he might go crazy because of this necklace.

But Da Jun knew that he was out of his wits and had no choice. He decided to hand over the necklace to the security supervisor. He knew that the security supervisor was a relative of the boss, so he would definitely handle this matter properly.

After lunch at noon, Dajun was about to leave work. When he was about to leave work, he fumbled in his pocket for the diamond necklace that he had rubbed countless times, and held it tightly in his hand, with blue veins protruding from the back of his hand. come out.

“Director Chen, Director Chen, I found this in the parking space.”

Director Chen glanced at the necklace and thought it was nothing special. If it was real, it would be impossible to pick it up in the parking space; if it was fake, then it would be a bad joke.

Director Chen casually took the necklace, watched Da Jun turn and run away, thinking where this kid found a high-quality imitation, and wanted to come over to make me happy!

Director Chen smiled and put the necklace in his pocket without hesitation. He was thinking about what would happen if he gave this deceitful thing to Xiaohong?

He knew very well in his heart that his girlfriend, Xiaohong, was a master and knew the goods. If she said it was fake and didn’t like it, then throw her hands into the river of people’s hearts, and teach the army a lesson when she went back.

In Minxinhe Park at night, a round of full moon accompanied by dim street lamps silently spreads the brilliance in the sky. The breeze blows from the surface of the water, slowly, bringing a coolness, and blowing away the nuisance caused by mosquitoes.

It’s a pity that Xiaohong, who just got off the evening shift, is not in such a good mood.

“Chen Dajun, when will you become a man? Don’t date me in such a dark place, I’ve had enough!”

Chen Dajun was excited when he saw his girlfriend, who was 4 years younger than him, with a delicate face. Although the other party was complaining, Dajun was very happy in his heart.

He likes this dark waterside, where he can move his hands and feet, no one bothers him, only his love and concubine love, you and me.

Xiaohong doesn’t like this. She likes the atmosphere of the world. Whether it’s a restaurant, bar, cafe, or night market, as long as someone checks in, it’s the place she yearns for. Bright or ambiguous lights make people feel a little superior.

She had only one experience like that. A blind date sits opposite a bright solid wood table in a cafe, a cup of cappuccino is steaming in front of him, the aroma of coffee mixed with the sweetness of pastries is in front of him, all the utensils are so delicate and beautiful, shining brightly grade light.

There is a touch of music in the air, like deep emotions that can be expressed without words.

Xiaohong wanted Chen Dajun to take him to the coffee shop, but she was afraid of affecting her image of being a thrifty housekeeper. Her yearning was hidden, so she had to come to Minxin River for unnecessary communication. Conflicting in her heart, she became more anxious and helpless .

Xiaohong knew that the man in front of her was suitable for marriage, but the blind date who escaped was not. She saw the life of ordinary people who couldn’t see the edge in a daze, and she was extremely depressed.

Chen Dajun suddenly plucked up his courage, he took out the necklace from his pocket, put it on Xiaohong’s neck gently, and took the opportunity to grope on the other’s back.

This scene is ambiguous and warm through the thin linen dress.

What’s this? Xiaohong was surprised to receive a gift from Chen Dajun, she didn’t care about the authenticity of the necklace at all. Her first thought: Is he asking? Oh, no, the proposal should be a ring. She fumbled for it, and there was a necklace around her neck. The necklace had a very strange feel, a feeling she had never experienced before.

“Do you like it?” When Chen Dajun asked this sentence, his face was deeply blush, as if he was drunk and talking nonsense. He was afraid of being exposed, and felt vaguely in his heart that maybe Xiaohong would like it. After all, his girlfriend is such a frugal person, and she never dared to ask him for any gifts. When they met, they talked about getting married, having children, and taking care of their parents. Warm love story.

“Well, I like it.” Xiaohong’s voice even choked up in Chen Dajun’s arms, and Chen Dajun was even more confused. It turned out that Xiaohong was so innocent, and a simple necklace moved her very much.

He even thought silently in his heart: Is it time to propose?

At the happiest and warmest moment when the two were in love, Xiaohong’s phone rang, and Xiaohong’s mother’s irritable voice reached their ears clearly and loudly.

Xiaohong fled home quickly like a frightened rabbit.

Xiaohong, who stepped into the house, was still fumbling for the necklace around her neck. She didn’t know that there was another person far away at the entrance of the supermarket managed by Chen Dajun, who was also struggling with the origin of the necklace and whether to keep it or not.

Dajun and Supervisor have the same name, so some people call him “Little Dajun” and others call him “Little Supervisor”, but these are all mocking Director Chen because of him.

Da Jun doesn’t care about this matter, what he thinks now is. What would the boss in the white tiger-headed limousine think when he saw that necklace? Are you happy? Or he will mention him who salutes every day.

Until the car with the white tiger head logo slowly drove into the parking lot, the army stood at attention solemnly and saluted standardly. He even saw the boss in the car nodding to him with a smile.

The boss’s car was parked in the exclusive parking space. After 2 minutes and 16 seconds, the door was gently opened. The boss was wearing a black business suit skirt and put on high-heeled shoes in front of the car door.

The flesh-colored stockings wrapped her tight calves and slender toes, revealing her red manicure. The moment she bent down to lift her shoes, a white and round mountain peak loomed.

Da Jun didn’t mean to see the soft and straight mountain, although his heart beat faster and his blood pulsed faster after seeing it, he was just looking for the diamond necklace on the white neck.

Regrettably, he only saw the colorful brilliance of the diamond earrings, faintly visible between the temples, but did not see the expected diamond necklace.

The army instantly petrified, and he couldn’t find a reason to bring himself back to life. One thing repeated in his mind, the boss didn’t wear a necklace.

The boss raised his head and picked up the handbag, closed the car door, and locked it with Didi, but her eyes never left Dajun. She was surprised by Dajun’s presumptuous eyes. What happened to this usually timid security guard?

The boss looked down at himself, the neckline of the black business suit was not too high, showing a trace of career line, “Is this not enough for him to be so presumptuous?”

The boss walked straight towards the security guard. She wanted to explain to herself that she couldn’t be treated so unreasonably on her one-acre three-point land.

“Boss, your necklace?” Da Jun’s tongue was a little stiff, and he couldn’t speak clearly.

“What’s wrong with the necklace?” The boss touched his neck subconsciously.

The necklace was nailed like a pillar of shame to her unfinished wedding. The necklace is a relic of the husband-to-be’s mother, just like a family heirloom. She doesn’t like family heirlooms, with a gloomy chill.

The husband-to-be said that it would be good to wear it for only one day. He also specially ordered the ring and earrings according to the design concept of the necklace. Although the diamonds are not as expensive as the necklace, it looks like a complete set.

But the necklace fell off that day, and the husband-to-be swore: “You said it was intentional, right? If you don’t want to get married, forget it?”

Looking at the groom-to-be who turned and left, thinking about the almost broken wedding, and these fragmented businesses, so that life lost its meaning with the loss of this necklace.

Today, a security guard teased his necklace in a daze, and the boss seemed to see the hostility, his eyes glowing.

Da Jun became even more terrified, “I, I, I found your necklace and gave it to Director Chen.”

Looking at the anxious little security guard, the boss suddenly wanted to laugh. She saw the other party’s kindness and embarrassment. Although the necklace could not be found, it was meaningless, but she still felt that she had heard good news.

“Chen Dajun?” the boss asked.

“Yes, it’s Director Chen.” Da Jun said firmly, he didn’t know why the boss’ relative, the security supervisor Chen, didn’t give the necklace to the boss, he felt that the boss was a little angry.

The boss took out his mobile phone from his bag and called Chen Dajun, “Chen Dajun, where are you?”

Dajun didn’t expect to get in the boss’s tiger-headed white car. The comfortable leather seats, the pale pink feminine interior, and the slightly strong fragrance irritated Dajun’s nostrils.

In the cafe, the light green curtains block the blazing sunlight, and the street trees look like naughty children casting shadows on the curtains. The coffee is mellow, the desserts are sweet and greasy, and the music is a touch of sadness.

Everything was the way Xiaohong yearned for, but the atmosphere was so embarrassing that it was suffocating.

Her boyfriend stole the boss’s necklace, and they brought witnesses to Xingshi to question her. The necklace was shining on her neck. She didn’t know how to explain it, not to the boss, but to her parents.

Just the day before, she went to the specialty store and was sure that the diamond necklace inherited from her boyfriend was worth millions. After her panic, she was excited. She showed it off to her parents, who wanted to revise the amount of the bride price.

How glorious it was before, how embarrassing it is now, and Chen Dajun is the same. He never expected that the necklace belonged to the boss, the second cousin of his third grandfather’s family. This is a bit complicated, but it doesn’t matter, as long as the girlfriend returns it to the boss.

It’s a pity that my girlfriend doesn’t seem to want to return it.

It was the first time for Dajun to drink coffee, and the only feeling he felt was bitterness. He didn’t know why people pursue suffering for enjoyment. Da Jun felt relieved, although she didn’t understand why the necklace was on the neck of the supervisor’s girlfriend.

Now, the matter of the necklace has nothing to do with Dajun.

“You know the necklace belongs to the boss, why didn’t you tell me earlier? Did you steal it? Are you trying to frame me?” Director Chen’s twitching mouth made Dajun afraid, and he knew it was a sign that the other party was going to do something.

Sure enough, just as Dajun expected, Manager Chen slapped Dajun’s face with a light, and the coffee spilled out burned Dajun’s hands and stained Xiaohong’s white sunscreen.

“Are you sick? Why did you hit someone?” Xiaohong tore off the necklace, threw it on the table and left.

“I gave it to him, but you can’t take it? You don’t deserve it.” The boss doesn’t want to get the necklace back. She needs an outlet to vent all the negative emotions about the necklace. Now she has found that outlet, and also found that people.

The boss took a piece of facial tissue and pressed the back of Dajun’s hand that was burned red. Dajun blushed. He didn’t dare to look at the magnificent mountains and rivers caused by the other party’s standing up. He stared straight at the necklace on the table. The diamond seemed to be shining through the sunlight through the curtains. Jumping, radiating light.

“I’m sorry!” Manager Chen blushed, and quit to chase his girlfriend.

Dajun’s ears echoed the boss’s question, “Do you have a girlfriend?” But he clenched his fists, his forehead was sweating, and the warmth of the boss’s hand was still coming through the back of his hand, and he felt his heartbeat shifting. In the hands, clear and intense.

Da Jun was so excited that he didn’t even hear the second part of the boss’s words, “You can give her this necklace.”

“This is your necklace.” Da Jun said, retracting his hand,The boss laughed, and he laughed too.

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