5 mysterious pseudo-Cthulhu novels, all kinds of events that open the mind, make people look pretty cool

Hello, all judges. It’s time to recommend wonderful novels every day. The author will sort out some interesting novels and share them with you every day, so that book fans can find online articles that suit their taste more conveniently and quickly. So what I bring to you today are 5 mysterious and fake Cthulhu novels. If you like it, remember to follow and collect it.

1. “I Conferred God in the Infinite Game” – Author: Huyu Chili

I recently read a cool article about the heroine. The protagonist Bai Liu’s IQ is quite online. It’s a long story. Although it’s danmei, it doesn’t have many emotional lines. The main thing is to follow the plot. , the plot feels quite complicated, not a simple infinite flow. With barrage, there will be more in the early stage and less in the later stage. I really like the form of barrage. It feels like an artifact for the protagonist to slap the face. The settings of each copy are quite good, and the group portrait is also good. There are indeed touching parts that can generate so many fan works. There are also many times when the author’s descriptions are very concrete and can quickly generate pictures in his mind. Completed, 2.57 million words.

2. “After Global Evolution, I Stand at the Top of the Food Chain” – Author: Qiliu

It is a post-apocalyptic text, but the society still maintains order, and the end of the text is that human beings have embarked on a safe evolutionary path. The positive characters are lovable, the villains are hateful and pitiful, they are relatively three-dimensional and uneven, the power system is relatively clear, and the plot is logical, but the explanation behind the scenes is a bit far-fetched and vague. Those who have a talent sequence in the setting are called Apocalypse, and can have multiple talents. Then the strength is represented by the spiritual power value of the ability, and then the lesion value exceeds 100, and it will become irreversibly polluted, and even the personality will change. The protagonist has a “system” turned on, but it’s more reasonable to turn it on. The main line explores who he is and how to save the world. Completed, 610,000 words.

3. “Starting a Dungeon” – Author: The Rising Quaguagua

The West Fantasy infrastructure is well written, with many vests and behind-the-scenes black streamers. The male protagonist is the master of the dungeon, a god-like existence. The protagonist travels through another world and inherits a dungeon at the beginning. Unfortunately, the development of this dungeon is sluggish, so the protagonist relies on the experience of his previous life to harvest the leeks of adventurers and lead the dungeon to the peak of urban life. The setting of this article is that the energy needed for the dungeon is obtained from the emotions generated by the adventurers, so what the protagonist needs to do is similar to the modern stimulation of consumer emotions, such as creating Pokemon for adventurers to fight. It’s cool, some stalks make people smile knowingly when they hit the airwaves. Completed, 1.16 million words.

4. “Don’t Insight” – Author: matthia

The Cthulhu-style novel, the indescribable horror atmosphere, and the interlocking plot design, after reading it, the imagination of the world will not help but change. The whole article is filled with disturbing temperament, and the description of the atmosphere can be described as In other words, the “world behind the door” violates common sense and has its own laws. Behind those grotesques and absurdities is another set of rules that are difficult for human beings to understand. There are not many emotional descriptions but the development is very natural. To be honest, it is very good to have a normal-looking human being around in such a depressing environment. It is simply a great luck to have a trustworthy teammate. Completed, 550,000 words.

5. “I Have an Adventure House” – Author: I can fix air conditioners

After the male protagonist’s parents disappeared, he continued to run the horror house left by his parents with the missing of his parents. With the golden fingers of a similar system, he solved bizarre events, accommodated ghosts, and continuously enhanced the “fun” of the horror house. The basic setting of the story is not very novel, but I have to say that the author’s writing is really good-looking. In terms of horror, there are all kinds of mind-blowing incidents and cases, the point is that they are all very close to life, mirrors, under the bed, puppets, schools…you can see great horror in the subtleties. On the relaxed side, there are humorous jokes, female characters who are “tolerance is great”, and funny and snarky ghosts, which always make people giggle unconsciously. Completed, 3.08 million words.

The above 5 mysterious and pseudo-Cthulhu novels, all kinds of events that open up the mind, make people look pretty cool. If you have favorite online novels, welcome to comment and leave a message. I think the recommendation is good, please like, bookmark, forward it, thank you everyone!

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