190,000 sky-high perfume, is it necessary for cosmetics to be so expensive?

High-end is an important trend in the development of the cosmetics industry. Not only many international brands are pursuing high-end and high prices, but even some domestic brands have begun to go high-end. However, in terms of high-end, domestic brands still cannot compete with international brands.

In our impression, high-end cosmetics cost more than 400 yuan a piece, and a bottle of cream of some international brands can sell for three or four thousand. In the cosmetics market, these are already very expensive. However expensive, there has never been a limit. In May of this year, the international brand Guerlain released the perfume “Bouquet de la Mariée Murano” designed by the sculpture and glass artist Aristide Najean.
Edition”, the price of each piece is as high as 27,000 US dollars (about 196,000 yuan). Although the brand only produced 10 pieces of this product, it is reported that all 10 pieces have been sold out.

A bottle of perfume is 196,000 yuan, and non-royal nobles cannot buy it. The perfume is made of concentrated flowers, with 69 golden bees affixed to the bottle, and a bouquet of blooming Murano glass flowers adorning the mouth of the bottle, which Guerlain said symbolizes that the perfume “never fades”.

But God knows, and the people who are short of money know that perfume will not “never fade”, and the fragrance on the body can’t even last for half a day. If you spend 196,000 yuan to buy a bottle of perfume, the value is simply not worth the price, and consumers will lose money. , Brand owners earn money.

This kind of “ultra-high-end” cosmetics is not alone in the industry. For example, the unit price of La Prairie’s “Platinum Rare” series of face creams is as high as 1,690 US dollars (about 12,256 yuan). The “2022” edition of Valmont’s La Quintessence des Glaciers series of gift boxes released last year was priced at $4,000 (about 29,000 yuan).

Although these high-end cosmetics are not as exaggerated as the 196,000 yuan perfume, they are already among the best in the price ranking of the cosmetics industry. A lipstick sells for four to five hundred, and a bottle of face cream sells for one or two thousand, which is already very expensive.

Is there really a market for ultra-high-end cosmetics? At least 10 bottles of Guerlain’s 196,000 yuan perfume have been sold. As we all know, in foreign countries, there are too many rich people to count, and the 196,000 yuan may be just a meal for them, which is not worth mentioning at all. Guerlain produced this perfume, of course, targeting the rich. As for those ordinary people, whether they like to buy or not.

Under this kind of thinking, ultra-high-end cosmetics do have a head. In China, there are not a few wealthy people who spend a lot of money. Some time ago, Zhang Yuqi said when she was selling wool quilts live, 699 yuan can’t even buy a pair of socks. See, for these rich people, they don’t even want to buy things that are not expensive enough.

With the upgrading of consumption, high-end is indeed the correct development trend of the brand, but too high-end is too advanced, and it is a black-hearted behavior of brand owners to raise a product to a price that does not belong to it. Evil.

Sky-high cosmetics should not exist, at least not yet. Unless you inlaid gold, silver and precious stones on the product packaging, it is impossible for a cosmetic to reach a high price of more than 100,000 yuan anyway. Cosmetics, especially skin care products, should first pay attention to efficacy and safety, rather than gimmicks such as art and gold and silver. After all, most consumers buy cosmetics for beauty and makeup, not for gold and silver treasure collections, such as Guerlain’s sky-high priced perfume runs the risk of mystification.

All in all, cosmetics can be high-end, but not too high-end.

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