180 square meters of modern minimalist style home decoration with a sense of hierarchy

The most troublesome thing about buying a house nowadays is the decoration, especially for office workers. Because of work, the newly bought house can only be handed over to the retired mother-in-law for decoration. I didn’t expect it to scare me when it was completed. cry.

House type: Duplex

Area: 180 square meters

Design style: modern minimalist style

The overall layout of the room is very layered, and the functional areas are designed in an orderly manner, making it clear at a glance.

Well-organized room layout

The main color of the living room is black, with silver gray and crystal decoration, it looks very luxurious. Uniform home furnishings are also visually recognized. The decoration of the TV background wall is simple but very special and impressive.

Simple and luxurious living room design

The oil painting hanging on the background wall, under the illumination of spotlights, presents a different atmosphere, is it very atmospheric?

Up the stairs is the restaurant

You can come to the dining room along the steps, and use glass railings to separate the living room and dining room. This design will have an extension effect visually.

Strong color contrast

The restaurant is a typical black and white match, and the color contrast is very strong. The dining table is very elegant with exquisite handicrafts and vases.

Simple and elegant kitchen layout

The kitchen layout gives people a simple and generous feeling, kitchen utensils are all available, and the tidy up is very tidy.

meticulous design

You can go to the second floor along the stairs. There is a landscape layout in the middle section, which is very meticulously designed.

good viewing effect

Two hanging paintings with the same style on the black background wall, the color saturation is very high, and the viewing effect is good.

This 180-square-meter house has a simple overall decoration style and a very modern urban style, and the color is mainly black and white, which is calm and atmospheric, which is eye-catching.

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