17 years ago, Yang Liwei heard a “knock on the door” in space, and he “slipped away” directly, expert: wit


Volume 3 of “Sanfu Huangtu”: “Canglong, White Tiger, Ace, Xuanwu, Four Spirits of Heaven, and Four Directions.” Exudes infinite charm. From the perspective of modern science, the stars in the eyes of the ancients are naturally an astronomical phenomenon, which also shows that people have been exploring space since ancient times.


As the most popular space science novel in recent years, the author Liu Cixin said in the book: “Weakness and ignorance are not obstacles to survival, but arrogance is.” This sentence is not only for personal life, but also for the destiny of the country. significance. With the development and progress of science and technology, countries all over the world are increasingly exploring space. When many unknown things are constantly being discovered, we can also feel the insignificance of human beings.

▲The cover of the novel “The Three-Body Problem”

In the vastness of the universe, our proud technology is not worth mentioning. The earth where human beings live is also a dusty existence in the universe. So proud and self-sufficient that he calls himself a god. “If you want to say that the people who understand these things the most are undoubtedly those astronauts who once went to outer space on behalf of the country.

▲Space Hero Yang Liwei

They have come into contact with the most advanced scientific and technological achievements of mankind, and have personally approached the vast and boundless universe. That kind of shock is beyond our comprehension. Many great scientists and astronauts have emerged in the course of my country’s space exploration, and the “first person” in exploration must belong to Yang Liwei. Today we are going to talk about an event that happened during his space exploration: Yang Liwei heard a “knock on the door” in space, and the mystery was revealed seventeen years later, thanks to his wit at the time.


The exploration of the universe is not only full of unknowns and mysteries, but also full of dangers far beyond human comprehension. Yang Liwei encountered it during his space flight. At that time, he was carrying out the tasks entrusted by the country and the people in a brand new environment, but suddenly heard a sound, similar to someone knocking on the door, and the sound continued, which made Yang Liwei very panicked. . Although I believe in science, there are many things that science simply cannot explain. Who will knock on the door of outer space? Most likely aliens!

▲Astronauts working in outer space

Fortunately, Yang Liwei was very vigilant. He drove the spacecraft back to the space capsule without thinking, and did not take the initiative to explore this “accident”. At that time, once the matter was announced, it attracted the attention of the outside world. After all, many people would like to believe that there are other races or life in outer space. At that time, some scholars even linked this incident with the wonderful phenomenon on the moon and other planets, which was quite mysterious. Although there are many sayings, including joy, fear, and surprise, there is no scientific basis after all, so it can only be regarded as speculation.

▲ The plane in space is working

Seventeen years after Yang Liwei completed his first space trip, some scholars have explained and explained the events he encountered. According to the research on Yang Liwei’s spacecraft and its environment, the sound similar to the knock on the door that Yang Liwei heard was not an alien visit, but some failure of the spacecraft itself. The temperature and pressure of a spacecraft in outer space are at extremes. The spacecraft is easily deformed when it is operated for a long time. This so-called “knocking sound” is caused by deformation of materials on the spacecraft’s exterior.


Coincidentally, in 1970, the American Apollo 13 also encountered a similar incident when exploring outer space. Due to the inexperience and improper operation of the astronauts, the oxygen chamber inside the spacecraft exploded. Fortunately, the three astronauts escaped in time. So far, all the mysteries have been uncovered, and the hardships and difficulties of astronauts in space exploration have also been presented to everyone. For the cause of the country and the nation, these great astronauts are writing epic stories in human history with their lives. one page.

▲The solar system in the universe (conceptual map)

Whether it is the United States, China, or any country in the world, there is still a long way to go to get out of the circle where the earth is and enter a larger cosmic environment. But nowadays, many countries in the world are blindly investing a lot of money in unscientific outer space exploration, which has caused huge problems to the lives of the country and people. As Mr. Liu Cixin said, focusing on the present is more practical than aimless space exploration.

in conclusion

There is no doubt that space exploration is imperative to the world, and to humanity. But the premise is to ensure the smooth operation of the country and society, so that the common people have no worries about food and clothing, so that more talents can be cultivated to contribute to the country and mankind. In addition, in the process of exploration, human beings must let go of their prejudice and arrogance, and move forward with a mentality of awe of the universe, otherwise what awaits us will be disappointment and regret.


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