【Keeppley】Warm up for Nobita’s house with chubby Doraemon

Hello everyone! As we all know, the most anticipated product of Keeppley must be the soon-to-be-launched Nobita’s Home, right? The complete design in one step, plus the new character minifigures, friends who have seen it can’t wait to play it right away!

However, there is still half a month before the shipment, so how to alleviate this expectation? I found Doraemon’s chubby series to play, and by the way, give it to my friend who likes the blue fat man.


box photo


The shapes of the new products this time are Christmas costumes, rabbit costumes, and British costumes.

On the back there is a finished size drawing and a brief introduction to the character Doraemon.

There are character illustrations on the other 3 sides of the box.




Although there are a large number of special parts, the difficulty of assembling is zero for friends who have always played with building blocks

This is how the perfect decoration was born!

The sides retain the “clue” that it’s still a building block.




The rabbit’s headgear is also made of silicone material like the lucky cat in the first season.

What else can this performance say? I can only accept it!

The advantage of using silicone material is that in addition to restoring the shape, its natural matte surface also brings a sense of luxury. Moreover, KP’s craftsmanship has matured to the point where there is no color difference (at least not visible to the naked eye) between building blocks made of conventional materials. How serious is this about the product!




The hat on the head is the most colorful place!

Because it can be moved freely.

The black tie knot is also very special.


product information


Product Name: Doraemon – Christmas / Rabbit / England

Finished size: 8 x 7 x 10.6 cm / 7.5 x 6.5 x 12.5 cm

Starting unit price: 49 yuan / style

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